What Information Is Collected In A Pharmacy?

Computers and digital technology is running our world.  When we walk into a store or do anything these days we are being tracked, monitored and sold to in ways that we never even thought of before.  This is the same when it comes to our medical records.  Every time we go to a doctor or we tell them something, it is put into a computer for later review.  For most doctors they will use retail pharmacy computer systems to link everything together so that medications can be filled, and other details can be known.


The first thing that you will find is the medications that you take.  This is very important information to have since it is used to make you better.  If you are taking a specific dosage or a specific medication, the computer systems can do a cross check to ensure that you are not mixing medications that could be dangerous. 

Insurance information

retail pharmacy computer systems

Another vital component that is kept on file is the insurance information that is needed to pay for your medications.  Insurance is very important since the price of medications is so high, we wouldn’t be able to pay for most of them out of pocket without insurance companies.  When we have this insurance information on file, we can send information out about the medications and get approval for payment.

Notes from the doctor

Another vital piece of information that we will need are notes from our doctors.  As we write notes about a specific condition or set of instructions that need to be followed, they can be stored in these systems for people to review and modify as needed.  It is vital that this information be stored and stored correctly so that there is no misunderstanding about what needs to be done which could cause harmful side effects from occurring.