On Managing A Golf Club Without Spectators

It does not matter what level of expectations are being entertained. It does not matter what level the golf club operates at, whether at the lowest amateur level, or at the highest in which case the golf club could have been one of those invited to host one of the majors on what used to be one of the busiest sporting calendars anywhere in the world. But why is this? Why is it in the past tense for now?

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Could this have something to do with COVID-19? Yes, it could, very much so. Pretty much every single sporting code in the world has been affected. Here and there, there are glimmers of hope. You are still able to view the sporting event live and in the comfort and safety of your own home. They’re playing a game of soccer somewhere in Europe. But they’re not playing golf. And yet you hear about it in the news.

Players are being infected by the virus. The news gets broken as though it were just the annual bug. This is not something that can be sneezed at. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the country’s golf management companies will be taking this matter very seriously indeed. Because as harsh as it may seem at this time, your country has the highest rates of infection in the world. And worse. This is no laughing matter, people.

This is serious. And yet still. Amongst all other things that you would want to be doing during the week, and over weekends, golf is serious too. You and your club members want to be playing golf again. And you want to be able to draw in the crowds as well. How soon will this be for you?